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Thighs-Up-the-Wall Offer or “Viparita Karani”

Peterson says after a long-day of being on her feet, 5-8 units of putting in this chilling pose makes her feel just like a brand new individual. Circulation also improves.


Howto take action: Rest on your own back and wander up your legs a wall that is set. Your feet should be straight and also the end of your back should meet with with the wall. Position a cushion under your lower back for additional support, if desired.


Teacher suggestion: Sometimes when new-to this position you can experience tingling within your feet. If you feel that, experience your feet down the wall, pull your hips for your torso and experience a stretch you can stretch back your feet up the wall.
Modification: and so the joints go out in other directions together with your joints near to your chest, start the legs. The feet of the legs must feel. This stretches the inner legs and crotch.

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